Video: Choreography and Performance Alisa Pegram Directed by Jonathan Houser

Featuring: Jay Kardong (Pedal Steel) and Ross McGilvray (bass) – Mixed by MATT BAYLES – Tracked by ERIC CORSON – Recorded in SEATTLE WA at RED ROOM (RIP) – Mastered by ED BROOKS at Resonant Mastering – – –

Looking back a few years, our debut EP was made in the same live, spontaneous and authentic spirit of Neil Young’s “Tonight’s the Night” and Song: Ohia’s “The Magnolia Electric Co.”

We are searching for that moment when catharsis and joy and reckoning all come together.

Recorded live at the Columbia City Theater by Gary Mula.
Mixing, overdubs, and mastering by Martin Feveyear at Jupiter Studios.

Long Dark Moon is:

Aaron Starkey – Lead Vocals & Guitar
Holly Waits – Piano
Jeff Baars – Drums
Tony Fulgham – Guitar & Vocals
Christopher Meyers – Bass & Vocals